A few weeks ago I was having a conversation with a friend about schedules. We discussed how today’s culture equates success with busyness. Then she said something that gave me pause. “I love it when a kid tells me they are bored.” Naturally, I had to ask her to explain what she meant. In my experience most parents hate the dreaded B word. Especially only a few weeks into the summer when school won’t start for several more months. She went on to share that when children are overly busy it does more harm than good. When a child is bored she said “they learn how to become problem solvers”. I sat with her words for a while and gave it some thought. I have to say I agree.

Boredom teaches your children to be resourceful
We all know that at some point our children will have to overcome difficulties. It’s vital that we give them the skills they will need later in life to be able to handle adversity.

Boredom allows your children to use their imagination
A year ago I implemented a no television rule on weekdays. It’s been a challenge to remain consistent, but it has been a battle worth fighting. The drawings, paintings, and crafts that my children have created while the television is off have been a joy. These small victories help to remind me that it is necessary to create pockets of free space in our family schedule.

Boredom helps your child learn to be resilient
Children are naturally able to bounce back from difficult situations. It is a powerful tool to encourage them to grow their abilities in preparation for what lies ahead as they get older.

In our home we have tried to create designated spaces that encourage independent play and creativity. This has worked well in fostering a sense of independence for our kids.

Outside played is always a great way to encourage children to explore and try something new. Full disclosure, we don’t spend a lot of time outdoors. I am trying to be more intentional about getting my kids outside.

Boredom is welcome in our home. I pray that God will allow my children to learn how to use their hands and minds in a way that will bring glory to him and his kingdom. If it takes less activities and fewer planned events to get us there, I will welcome that too.