You arrive at work ready to start the day. You overhear a coworker who feels they are underpaid. She’s complaining about the increase in responsibilities with no increase in pay. After work you stop to pickup a few items you need for dinner. In the grocery store you hear grumbling from a customer. They are upset that only two checkout lanes are open. Finally you arrive home only to realize the work for the day is just beginning. You call a friend to rant. You can’t be expected to do it all? People find fault in the simplest of things. It makes you wonder if it’s really that bad?

How often do you complain? Do you notice when you do? Is it possible to place your confidence and hope in Christ when you are not content with your present circumstances?

In my reading today I came to Number 11. The Israelites seem to be having one of those days. The chapter opens and states that the people are “complaining openly before the Lord about hardship.”(Num 11:1) They wanted meat and began to detest the food that God had provided for them. We read further and learn that God is angered by this and Moses is overwhelmed.

Was it really that bad for the Israelites? God had delivered them from the Egyptians. He provided for their every need while simply asking for their obedience in return.  Yet we find them complaining and longing for the food they had in Egypt when they were still captives. The Israelites had such profound knowledge about how God cared for them and they still displayed distrust.

We all have moments of doubt and uncertainty. We can chose to be brave and courageous because our God remains unchanged. The same God that delivered them from Egypt could have granted their desire for meat if  they had humbled themselves and earnestly petitioned God.

So what’s true?

It is an offense to God to let our desires go beyond our faith.

Matthew Henry

I pray that God will align the desires of our hearts with his perfect will. Let our hunger for him be renewed so that we may passionately seek him first.