In January of 2017 I sat down and decided to write out my personal goals for the new year. I knew that I wanted it to be more than just a simple resolution. I wanted to spend some time and effort on creating meaningful and intentional goals for myself and my family. I spent some time researching different methods for setting goals and I decided it would be best to break them up into categories. I eventually decided on four different categories of importance and selected one goal in each area.

Over the course of 2017 I’ve looked back at my goals every month. I have tried to track my progress and the areas where I can improve. This past week while I was sitting down and reflecting on all that has taken place this year I had a heartbreaking realization. Even though I had spent a lot of time working on my goals and making sure they were something I could achieve, I never surrender my plans to God. At no time had I stopped to ask God how he wanted to use me. While it’s true that my goals were all things that helped moved the kingdom forward, imagine how God could have been glorified if I had just sought out his plans for me first.

So for 2018 let’s do things differently. Let’s surrender our plans to God first and allow him to fully use us. This year my only goal is to be kingdom focused.

Let this be our prayer as we turn our hearts and minds towards God today and throughout the year.

Father God,
You are the maker and creator of all things.
You are faithful and constant in a world that is filled with uncertainty. You are a Good Father that has supplied our every need. You are worthy of our honor and praise. Father I know that I have not submitted my plans to your will. Thank you Lord for guiding my steps and making a path for me to follow. Help me to see you first in all things. May my life and speech be a constant reflection of Christ. Remove anything that is not of you. Allow my life to be used for your purpose.

Happy New New Friends! I pray that each of us will be filled with more of him in the days to come.

In Truth,