Earlier last year I found myself suffering from chronic headaches. I’ve always had headaches, even in my teens. Normally I have attributed it to waiting too long to eat or being dehydrated. A few months ago the headaches began occurring daily and were becoming more severe. I decided finally that it was time to get it checked out. It couldn’t be normal to have headaches every day!

I saw my primary care physician and explained the severity and frequency of the headaches. She expressed concern that this could be a symptom of something more serious and decided to run several tests. With urgency she sent me for an MRI as well as a battery of blood work. The next week I scheduled an appointment to meet with her to review the results. I will never forget what happened next. It was probably one of the best encounters I’ve ever had with a physician or medical professional.

When the doctor came in she proceeded to review all of my test results with me.

MRI. Excellent
Blood Pressure. Excellent
HDL/LDL Cholesterol. Excellent
Thyroid. Excellent

She went over every lipid panel in great detail and explained to me what each met. She reviewed with me what was within the normal range and where I fell. She expressed that my BMI is higher than desirable, but well within healthy limits. She then shared with me she wished she could tell all of her patients they were this healthy. On paper, I was the perfect patient. She smiled at me and was genuinely happy to give me such glowing results. I tried to mirror her excitement and told her this was all good news. Then I asked, “So why am I having headaches?”

Her response is what changed everything.

She stated, “ I have no idea.”

She went on to talk about how stress could be a contributing factor. She referred me to a neurologist for further review and gave me a clear bill of health.

I won’t bore you with everything that happened next. I will share with you what I learned. I learned that my health and well being are ultimately determined by the lifestyle choices I make each day. I choose to eat meat, sugar, and other processed foods. I came to the conclusion that it is time to really think about the power food has to heal us or harm us.

I decided that day I wanted to feel as “healthy” as I was on paper. I had heard about the Daniel Plan from a friend. The Daniel Plan appealed to me because I wanted to work on my overall health, rather than just weight loss. Today I started the plan and will share with you my challenges and triumphs along the way.

So What’s True

1 Corinthians 10:31

So whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.