June has proven to be a month dedicated to prayer for my family. You might say that it has been a month of going back to the basics.  From the moment I said out loud I was going to increase my time in prayer I noticed a change. For starters,  every possible challenge has been presented to prevent me from praying and completing my bible study.

  1. My schedule at work was moved up an hour.
  2. Kids are on summer break. This means they consider me their personal entertainment.
  3. Busyness. A general sense of feeling like there is just too much to do and not enough time.

To dedicate time each day to prayer has never been something that I have done consistently. As I’ve gotten older I know that I cannot sustain myself without carving out time each day to spend with God. I have to draw near to the one that gives me strength and ultimately guides my steps. I began to wonder why this has always been a struggle. Sometimes I just feel unworthy. Who am I to even present my prayers to God? Sometimes the chaos of life prevents us from dedicating our time to what is really most important. Other times there are so many things or people to pray for, it becomes easier to not pray at all.

I went through a period several years ago when it felt as if there was a chasm between where I found myself and where God resides. I would say to others, please pray for me. Please say a prayer for my son. Please pray about my job. I had convinced myself that I wasn’t good enough to pray. This went on for longer than I can remember. Eventually I found myself in a place where everything and everyone had been stripped away. There was no one to ask. I had to pray for myself. During this time I began a prayer journal, which proved to help me tremendously in learning how to pray.

Why do we ask others to pray for us? It is vital for us to search within for what our own intentions are.

Are we suffering from a lack of faith?
Do we trust that God’s promises are true?
Has fear set in where faith, hope and love should abide?

We can openly communicate to God because of the sacrificial gift of Jesus Christ.

So what’s true?

1 John 5:14

This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us.

Make time to pray for someone that has been placed on your heart today. We are meant to encourage one another and lift each other up. If you are struggling and don’t know where to begin just start by talking to God. He sees you, hears you, and loves you. He wants nothing more than for you to sit down and take a moment to talk with him. If your still not sure, ask someone to pray with you. He will be in the midst of it.